Why Use My Lead System Pro (MLSP)?

What is My Lead System Pro? Why are top MLM income earners using it?  Learn more about MLSP in this article.

Ok, I am going to assume some things here. You are familiar to some degree with network marketing and internet marketing, and maybe even have an idea of what attraction marketing, lead generation and affiliate marketing is.  You most likely are already involved in some type of multilevel marketing (MLM) business, or you are seeking information on the right home business for you. You may or may not be having any success with what you are currently doing. Either way, you are looking for ways to learn how to leverage your time and resources to grow your business to new levels.  Let’s see if My Lead System Pro is right for you.

My Lead System Pro (MLSP) is an internet network marketing  system that is based on Mike Dillard’s concept of “attraction marketing.” Essentially, attraction marketing is about attracting your business prospects to you, instead of you chasing them down and begging them to join your business. It is all about branding yourself as a leader in this industry and providing real value to your business prospects. As a result, people begin to know, like, and trust you. This is important, because the truth is, people don’t join opportunities or companies — they join people.

My Lead System Pro is a fully integrated internet marketing and attraction marketing system. It is education and marketing based, teaching you how to attract your best prospects  through internet marketing and online lead generation. It will teach you how to build your skills, what tips you need to know when beginning, and what the best first steps are to take. From day one, they walk you through everything you will need to do to get MLSP set up. And each and every step includes a video that shows you specifically what you will be doing.

My Lead System Pro was started by Norbert Orlewicz, Brian Fanale, and Todd Schlomer in September of 2008, all of whom were having extraordinary achievements in the the network marketing industry. MLSP targets a group of people who are already educated on the power of network marketing (so no more “pyramid scheme” conversations) and who are hungry and ready to invest in their business. 

My Lead System Pro was designed to help you make money regardless if anyone joins your business. Think of that for a second – You make money whether or not someone joins your Primary Business Opportunity. As we all know, the majority of people you encounter will not join your primary MLM opportunity, for one reason or another.  They may already be involved with a network marketing company. They may not like your particular product or company. But they were looking for something, right? With MLSP, you can still earn income from those leads by introducing them to a training and marketing system that will help them achieve their goals in whatever business venture they decide on. 

My Lead System Pro is not just a system. It’s a community of entrepreneurs, tapping into the knowledge and wisdom of multiple 6 and 7 figure earners in this industry. The MLM business owners who are part of MLSP learn exactly what these 6 and 7 figure industry earners do, and use this knowledge in building their own MLM businesses. You can leverage on this community and marketing system to build and develop your existing business or learn how to get started in online network marketing.

My Lead System Pro uses video support to train their members in making the most out their network marketing business with step by step instruction. It spits out tried and tested sales strategies to achieve success in the competitive MLM market. The marketing training in MLSP is second to none in this industry, and is invaluable to those looking for real cutting-edge marketing strategies. The back office is loaded with over 100+ hours of videos and audio training from top MLM earners. MLSP also holds weekly live webinars which are always on the forefront of what’s working now. The extensive library of resources teach you everything from PPC to SEO to article and video marketing, and many other lead generation strategies. These resources, if purchased separately, would cost you a small fortune.

Another great part of My Lead System Pro is in the various affiliate programs that you can make money from, at the same time you are building your leads. MLSP is partnered with various affiliate training and marketing programs, such as Magnetic Sponsoring.  You simply sign up as an affiliate for these programs (in most cases, at no cost to you) and insert your affiliate links in the MLSP back office. The program takes care of the rest. The MLSP autoresponder sends out emails to your leads, marketing those different programs that may help them with their business. 

Not sure what an affiliate program is? Well, have you ever gone to a restaurant that had THE best steak ever? Did you tell all your friends and family about how great it was? Did you tell everyone on FaceBook about it?  And did you get PAID for those referrals?  No?  Well, if you had signed up as an affiliate for that steakhouse (not that they offer that, but just as an example), then you would have been paid an affiliate commission, usually 35-50%, on EVERY purchase that came as a result of your recommendation.  Depending on how many people you told, that could be a very good side income, in addition to your primary business opportunity. Over the last 28 months, MLSP has paid out to its members over $1.8 million in affiliate commissions!

My Lead System Pro is a great program to help you generate leads, earn multiple streams of income, and sponsor more people into your primary business. But it’s not a “magic bullet.” It will automate aspects of your business, but it is only as good as you make it. If you are thinking that all you have to do is sign up, set the system up, and sit back and watch the leads start flowing in you are mistaken.

You have to be willing to put in the work to actually use the system for what it was intended for: to promote you and your business. It will take some dedication to learn the information that MLSP provides.  But if you stick to it and “just do it,” this system WILL pay off.  I cannot tell you how much I have learned about internet marketing, attraction marketing, blogging, and affiliate marketing in the past six months by studying and applying what I learned from My Lead System Pro.   

Overall, with the help of My Lead System Pro, you can address the two major issues faced by online marketers: making more money and getting more leads.

My Lead System Pro has quickly become the worlds #1 attraction marketing system for serious entrepreneurs worldwide.  There is no marketing system in the industry today that provides the value and content of MLSP.  In a nutshell, it is the largest attraction marketing system on the planet.

Is My Lead System Pro right for you?  I hope I answered some of your questions.  Why not try it out? MLSP offers a way for you to try the system fully-functional for 14 days, for only $9.97.  That is how I got started, and I have no regrets!!

 To get started with your trial, go to http://www.SevenFigureMastermindTeam.com/DerekLitchfield and see for yourself why MLSP is the best system out there.

Derek Litchfield