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ViralWebcaster is the ultimate tool for social media marketing.  Are you one of the millions of FaceBook users?  Are you a business owner?  Network marketing, internet marketing, auto sales, real estate?  If you want your company or product to go viral on the internet, see how ViralWebcaster will explode your business using the most popular social site today: FaceBook.

Social media sites such as FaceBook, YouTube, and Twitter are the hottest marketing tools on the internet. And if you use those tools for your business properly, you have the potential to market your product or service well beyond your current advertising reach.  Let me tell you why ViralWebcaster is changing the face of current marketing/advertising methods, and the way webinars are conducted.

ViralWebcaster, offered by veteran network marketing guru Tissa Godavitarne and webinar expert Mark Call of, is loaded with features to boost your online marketing efforts to a new level.  Here are the powerful options that ViralWebcaster provides:

Broadcast Live or Recorded Webinars On Your FaceBook Fan Page:

  • Broadcast UNLIMITED webinars/videos
  • No limit to the number of attendees on Facebook
  • Stream your own content or use pre-made content
  • Schedule live or recorded events in advance

ViralWebcaster gives you many options for your live or recorded content.  You can choose to broadcast a Live Webinar or Live Event via your or Livestream account. 

Or you can select recorded videos from YouTube, Pre-recorded Livestream videos, or FLV and MP4 videos from your computer or web hosting.  You have the option to play up to five recorded videos.

For example, you have a live webinar scheduled for Tuesday night.  You send a broadcast out to your email list via your AWeber or GetResponse autoresponder, and you post information about the webinar on your personal FaceBook page and FaceBook Fan Page.  When the time comes for the webinar to start, many people are already logged into FaceBook, checking out what their friends are doing or saying.  They are now ready to join your live webinar.  Instead of closing out of FaceBook, clicking on the external link to your live broadcast, and logging in, they simply go to your Fan Page, enter their first name, and start watching your webinar.  All without leaving FaceBook!

And even when you do not have any live webinars or recorded videos yet, ViralWebcaster provides you with their own recorded videos that promote the product to your prospects.

Gain “Likes” For Your FaceBook Fan Page:

Here’s one really cool part about ViralWebcaster.  When a FaceBook user first goes to your Fan Page to view your live broadcast or recorded video, they must first click to “like” your page before they will have access to your videos.  And just to understand how powerful that simple feature is…from that point on, every time you post a video, link, or other information to your Fan Page wall, that user will see that information in their FaceBook news feed. 

And you can get additional viral “Likes” for your FaceBook Fan Page with the “” Fan Gate link.  This link can be sent out in email broadcasts or posted to other social media sites.  When someone clicks on the link, they must “like” your page (even if they already liked it previously) to gain access to the event.  In doing so, the ViralWebcaster will post a link to the user’s own wall, stating that the user “liked” your Fan Page!  So when friends of that user see the posting in their news feed, there is the potential that the user’s friends will click on that link and “like” your page as well.  Now that is called viral marketing!

Create Custom “like” Fangate Images:

ViralWebcaster provides you with a “Click “like” Above” image for first-time Fan Page visitors, with customizable wording, such as “Click like Above to access our webinars!” or “…to access our Live Broadcast!”  You can also upload your own “like” Fangate images, so they are completely customizable for your business purposes.

Automatically Build Your Autoresponder List:

When the user clicks “like” on your Fangate image to access your page, you can set up ViralWebcaster to require that the user accepts the software permissions to accept an email from you.  ViralWebcaster can be tied in to your  AWeber or GetResponse account, so that as soon as the user clicks “allow,” they will be added to your email autoresponder list.  This allows you to contact the person after the webinar to conduct follow-up, or to set up one of your autoresponder emails to promote your product or service.

More Viral Marketing When Attendees Comment:

Attendees to your ViralWebcaster live broadcast can make comments about the broadcast or enter text to chat with others viewing the event.  When the attendee makes a comment while watching the webinar, the comment gets posted to THEIR FaceBook wall, with a link back to the live event!

During a recent live webinar, one of my attendees posted a comment, which also posted to her wall.  One of her FaceBook friends saw the comment and asked her, “What are you watching?”  She told her friend about the product that was being introduced on the webinar, and the friend asked her to private message her and give her the details on the product, saying she was interested.  Very nice feature indeed!

Optional “Free Offer” Section To Get Attendees To Invite Their Friends:

During a live webinar or recorded video session, you have the option to provide attendees with a free offer, such as an e-book, after the attendee invites some of their friends to the webinar.  You can set it to a number of your choice, such as requiring at least two friends of the attendee to come to the live event or recorded video.  You now just gained two more “likes” to your Fan Page, and have captured the attention of two other people you otherwise may not have ever come in contact with.

Affiliate Commissions:

A link is promoted during your broadcast to your attendees, telling them they can get ViralWebcaster for their own pages.  You earn affiliate commissions on those sales.

Learn more about the powerful features of ViralWebcaster in this video presentation:


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Derek Litchfield